How well does your business comply with the 8 hats of management

The Platinum Black diagnostic focuses on the 8 Hats of Management (Human Resources, Information Technology, Research and Development, Operations, Administration & Finance and Marketing and Sales). It comprehensively assesses all areas of your business.

The diagnostic will identify your current phase and enable you to identify the action needed to create sustainability and growth.

The diagnostic is a collaborative process. It begins with an extensive questionnaire into each area (hat) of your business. Each area is assessed in terms of the risk of failure that it could cause to your business and is based on practical best business practice philosophy.

The objective is to structure each business area appropriately for the phase the business is in. If you have the wrong structure for your phase, there is a strong risk of business failure.

An action plan is generated. Implementation of the action plan can then be discussed.

On completion of the diagnostic an intervention phase may be entered into.

Deliverables of the diagnostic:

During each session an objective and interactive discussions of the business will be held
Objective feedback will be provided
A report detailing the areas of risk in your business
A full financial ratio analysis, including interpretation and comments
A comprehensive financial fitness assessment of the business
A prioritised project plan
A proposal for an intervention


Frequently asked questions

Where will the diagnostic take place?
At business premises in a separate boardroom away from interference.

What will the estimated duration be for the diagnostic?
On average the duration is between 4 – 6 weeks (includes 3 to 5 two hour sessions with owners/directors, depending on their availability and preference).

Which stakeholders will be involved?

All key decision makers/owners/directors (all those responsible for the 8 hats).

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